I don't know if I've ever said this, but these guys are honest mechanics. I took my 2006 Nissan Altima here when my car ac completely broke down to get a second opinion. The 1st place I went was going to charge me $1200 and said I needed to replace the whole ac unit. This place found the issue right away, fixed it and my bill was $170! Quick, painless and most importantly honest. Will definitely go back here if I have other issues!

- Stephanie B.

After being referred to Dennis Road by a close friend, I will never go anywhere else!  They have brought back what is seriously lacking in today's businesses, customer service and honesty.  I started out taking my Suburban there and now take our Lexus as well as my kids take their car to them as well.  I have recommended them to many friends and everyone that has tried out Dennis Road has continued to work with them.  That says an awful lot about the quality and integrity of this shop!  I highly recommend Dennis Road Automotive and you should give them a try and compare them with your current shop.  You won't be disappointed!

I worked with the Shop Manager, James, on several of our issues and he has always provided me with good information to make my financial decision and has followed through on 100% of the things he committed to.  What more can you say?!!!!!

- Paul R.

I have tested this mechanic again and again. They always come out on top. After any major estimate, I always bring the vehicle and the estimate to my mechanic buddy (secretly), and ask if the repairs needed are legit. Myself, I wouldn't know an accurate repair if it bit me in the butt! 

Every time I show it to my buddy, he says it is legit and fair... every time. Over the course of 7 years, I have tested them many times and they always come out honest, affordable and worth every cent.

I met the owner. She is often around. I asked her about honesty and auto shops once. She said, "We have one simple motto. Can I go to bed and sleep at night after the work I did. If the answer is yes, then I did my job right."

That sums them up pretty darn well. They do the work like it's their own car in the driveway. Great job guys! Keep it up!

- Mark B.

James along with everyone I came in contact with at Dennis Automotive was nice professional and honest.  James came highly recommended to me and I will continue to take mine and my husbands cars to him and recommend him to all.  Very honest and wont do additional work if it is not necessary.

- Julie P.

EXCELLENT customer service, especially from James - he is fantastic! I am extremely pleased with the service and quality of repairs to my vehicle.

- Ben H.

I have been going here for repairs for 15 years, I refer all my friends to them as well, without reservation the most knowledgeable, forthright, honest repair shop i have ever experienced!

- M.D.

These people are in charge of my cars.  My car is too big an investment to just let anyone mess around under the hood!   I have been going into their shop for about 4 years now.  The shop is clean.  The floors are clean.  Martha Stewart may not have decorated their waiting area, but I don't go there to get decorating tips.  These people fix my car.  They charge me a fair price and they say funny things while I am in the office paying my bill.  I have started getting the oil changed there too.

- Judith A. 

These guys are the real deal- honest, talented mechanics and fantastic customer service.  My son has an old Firebird that has really challenged them and they have treated us like we are their favorite customers.  They charge super fair prices and are also really nice to work with.  There's a reason why this shop, now run by the founder's daughter, has lasted so long.  We deal mostly with James who is excellent to work with. Can't say enough about how great they are.

- Claire M.

Excellent service. Brought my car in for a second opinion about some work Pep Boys said HAD to be done ASAP. A mechanic stopped his lunch break to come check it out and then they showed me exactly what they were seeing and that my car was fine. They didn't come up with any work they could charge me for. They didn't even charge me for the inspection. I was super impressed.

- Jordan Hughey


Amazing service and super nice mechanics! They helped me make a decision on a used car I was thinking of buying. They did a pre purchase inspection and told me exactly what was wrong and ok about the car. James and Jose were awesome!

- Saryn Torres

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