I came into Dennis Road Automotive today on short notice.  I called the shop about 11:30AM and asked if I could bring in my car to receive a second opinion on some maintenance items recommended to me from the Dealership.  I made an appointment to come in around 1:30PM for them to take a look.

Walking into the shop, you will first enter the waiting room which is clean and well kept.  There is WIFI, cold water, and a slew of well organized magazines to keep you occupied.  The restrooms are well kept as well.

Sliding the adjacent door back, you enter into the edge of the garage and make your way to the front office.  Here I was greeted by Jeremy and went through the list of things recommended by the dealership.  He indicated that he had to run an errand and that someone else might go over the results of the inspection in his absence.

Their mechanics spent a little under an hour going over the items on my list.  Jeremy came into the waiting room and sat next to me with a slip of paper with the results.  Of all the things on the list, he found no material problems other than recommending air and cabin filters on the car.  

Jeremy explained the methodology behind the dealership recommendations as a "one size fits all" type solution which often times based on car mileage and not actual condition.  I actually appreciated that Jeremy didn't say anything specifically negative about the dealership service department.  He explained that some people prefer to be more proactive than reactive to the condition of their cars.  Also, when things break on premium cars they generally cost much more to fix. Seems logical.

My car will be 10 years old this year, and while I prefer my car to be in top running order, I don't want to spend $1300 on maintenance items which are just not "due".  Jeremy was gracious enough to offer me a concession on their normal inspection fee as well which was greatly appreciated.

Given the above experience...  though I have not yet spent a dime at Dennis Road Automotive,  they have just gained a customer in the future.

- Guy M.

I've brought my vehicle (2010 Nissan Xterra) to Dennis Rd Automotive twice now for routine service. The guys at the shop are courteous, accommodating and honest. The customer waiting lounge is comfortable with a/c, TV, wifi and magazines galore. Look no further, call to schedule your service appt and you will be delighted.

-Denis T.

Extremely satisfied with Dennis Road Automotive. My 2003 Ford Focus broke down so I had it towed here. It turned out to be the timing belt. What could have been a very costly repair wasn't so bad with them. They replaced the timing belt and the water pump for a very reasonable price.

Every interaction I had with them was very pleasant, from the first phone call to me picking up my car. The men are respectful, honest, and kind. They earned my trust and I will definitely use them in the future.  Thank you, Dennis Road Automotive!

- Allie C.

Came in to get a couple lugs replaced and they came in to tell me they found more that were cracked. Instead of just doing the minimum they went got more supplies and fixed my truck the correct way the first time. Excellent work.

- Chad S.

I am so thankful for finding these guys! They know my name and better yet they know my car. I used to compare quotes, but I don't anymore. Dennis Road prices are spot on and they stand behind every single repair. Great, great business! Thanks guys! Btw, my suburban passed state inspection with flying colors. :)

- Lori Sullivan

I never expected to be treated so well at a small mechanic shop like this. But the reviews led me here, and I can't believe how awesome these dudes are. Do not hesitate to check them out.

- Blake H.

I am the type of guy who is pretty untrusting of mechanics and the like, so i struggle to find people and businesses that I feel aren't just trying to take advantage of my severe lack of knowledge in things like cars.

These guys, however, always take good care of my car, charge a fair price and talk to me about what needs to be done without pressure.  

I really appreciate that about them and highly recommend them as they have become the only place I bring my car to get worked on.

- Joshua S.

THIS HAD ALL THE EARMARKS OF A DISASTER!!. Traveling out of town to see a client, i was on IH 635 in Dallas, loud pop (thought I might have hit a rock) then a noise like my bicycle would make when i placed a piece of cardboard (think baseball card) so it would hit the spokes when they turned. I was in the middle of construction, one lane, no shoulder.  Managed to get to next exit (Josie) and pull into a parking lot. With help from Siri (iPhone) i quickly got a list of Automotive Mechanics near my location. I called  Dennis Road Automotive which was about half a mile from me and I managed ease my car there with a lot of noise.  I pulled up to one of their bays and immediately had the attention of the mechanics.  Lots of noise!.  

I was greeted by Jamie who quickly diagnosed the problem, gave me an estimate of time and money and had a mechanic working on the car almost immediately. Jamie offered to take me to a car rental agency, but that was not necessary as my client was already on the way to pick me up and would return me after our meeting.

NOW TO THE MEAT AND BONES OF THIS REVIEW.  I immediately felt very comfortable with this business.  They were attentive, knowledgeable, friendly and direct. I know very little about mechanical issues with a car and was completely at their mercy.  But 5 minutes after pulling into the business i was no longer stressed and felt that some Divine Hand had guided me to Dennis Road Automotive.  Upon returning to the shop after my meeting, James (I assume owner/manager) let me know that there were a few other problems they had found., but quickly assured me they were minor, but were going to take a little longer than originally estimated.  It actually did take about two hours longer.  No problem.  Clean waiting room, offered me a cold drink, had a customer Wi-Fi for me to keep in touch with my business on my iPad, and kept me informed  periodically as to their progress.

Bill was exactly what was quoted when they first diagnosed the problem.

i highly recommend Dennis Road Automotive. They made what could have been a terrible experience into as pleasant an event as possible under the circumstances.

Thanks to James, Jamie and all the other talented mechanics that got me back on the road.  Well Done.

- Bob I.

Thank you Yelpers!! These guys live up to their reviews. They looked at my car at the time I'd made an appointment, they did an honest and fast job. And an oil change for $30 is awesome. They didn't even charge me labor for the oil plug leak.

- Lindsey J.

Found our mechanics in DFW! Previous reviewers did not lead us astray. James was professional. How often can you say "I felt good/not cheated/positive after leaving an auto mechanic!" ?!?

- Alanna S.

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