I called Dennis Road Automotive on a Saturday morning eventhough Google said they were closed.  I was desperate, my son's car had just died, had to be pushed to a nearby neighborhood street.  We had no idea what was wrong with the car, it just died and right after that it started smoking. It just so happened that James answered the phone and through the phone he listened to the car and tried to help me with determining what could be wrong.  BUT, even though it was Saturday and they were closed, he got in his car and drove to where the car was stranded to give me an idea of what he thought the problem was!  I was so shocked that anyone would do that, I just couldn't believe it!  He didn't know me from Adam, and I had never even been a customer before.  The epitome of customer service.  I would overwhelmingly recommend this automotive repair shop to anyone based on their willingness to help someone in need!

Testimonial by Patti Branum on 7/2/2016.  A recommendation of Dennis Road Automotive in Dallas Texas to all friends, family, and strangers!

I'm not sure who I spoke with last Fri night but my daughter was stranded with her water pump out on her Cherokee and even though your shop is closed on Sat I was able to be referred to a very nice DJ Pruitt who was willing to do the work for us and get her safely back on the road to Oklahoma and then on to Illinois. I just wanted to say thank you for being so kind and thoughtful and then again by following up with a well being check on Monday meant a lot as well! Macy and her two best friends made it home safely!! Thank you again -Lauren Ostrye

Quite possibly the best automotive shop in the country (and I've been to shops everywhere)...
The check engine light was on in my older Tundra. You never know how far down the rabbit hole that will take you. It was an O2 sensor. The truck also needed an oil change, tire rotation, etc. So I took it into Dennis Road Automotive on the recommendations I've seen here and online. Everyone was right. They were ready for me at the time of my appointment, they went over what work would be done and diagnosed the check engine with solutions and prices before work began. Here's the kicker, they even gave me a ride home and back (about 2 miles away). Originally, I had been considering trading in my truck for a new one, but the price and service level at Dennis Road Automotive were so good, I'm must going to go ahead with some of the higher-mileage maintenance on the vehicle and keep it around a little longer. Friendly people, clear and precise explanations, fair prices and quality work make Dennis Road Automotive my new go-to auto shop. I would highly recommend them to anyone. -Chad H

DRA has been providing service for the company I work for, for quite some time.  My company referred me to them the day my Alternator went out on my Acura.  I contacted James, he gave me a quote and told me to drop it off the same day.  I ended up getting my vehicle back the next day. Adam contacted me and let me know all that I needed regarding my car, as well as pick up.  They all provide great customer service and make sure you know all that has been done to your vehicle.  I will continue to get services from them moving forward and will recommend them to anyone. -Chris W

Hello Viewers, Dennis Road Automotive has exceeded my expectation with their gratitude and customer service. The team was very prompt with the issues I'd with both vehicles. They explained the program and gave me the appropriate solution in order to get it resolve. Don't hesitate to give these guys a call. This is from my personal experience. -Frederick Smith

Friendly, fair, thorough, accommodating... What more could you want? They are the best shop I've been to anywhere in the country - and I've lived many places (a close second is Autograff Motor Works in Salt Lake City). Dennis Road Automotive gave me a ride home while I left the truck in the shop all day - that was wonderful! (I do live within 2 miles tho). Just go see them. You'll be warmly welcomed, completely informed and reasonably charged for quality work. I'm now a regular and I would recommend them to anyone. -Chad Hinkson 

I am a satisfied customer, who really appreciates the work that Dennis Road Automotive continuously operates. Everyone there is informative, courteous, and professional, ensuring that you are happy with the job that is done. Thanks Guys!

-A Google User

I have ALWAYS been satisfied with the work that Dennis Road Automotive completes for me. Great work. And great guys that run the shop.

-A Google User

I have tested this mechanic again and again. They always come out on top. After any major estimate, I always bring the vehicle and the estimate to my mechanic buddy (secretly), and ask if the repairs needed are legit. Every time I show it to my buddy, he says it is legit and fair... every time. Over the course of 7 years, I have tested them many times and they always come out honest, affordable and worth every cent.

-A Google User

I was recommended to Dennis Road Automotive from a good friend, she said I wouldn't be disappointed. And I wasn't! The staff was friendly and the service was quick.

-A Google User

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