I have been to many auto repair shops in the DFW area. Most were OK, but when I took my husband's 96 Chevy z-71 to Dennis Road, I was the most satisfied I have been in years with an auto repair shop. They were confident and took time to be sure they understood my concerns.They fixed the truck quickly and efficiently. I waited in their comfortable waiting room until the repairs were done. They kept me informed and when the work was done, the best part was the price. I was blown away by the great pricing. I would recommend Dennis Road Automotive to EVERYONE!. They are honest, fair and have a great shop. The auto techs were friendly and the Customer Service was second to none. Will be going back!

- Rose Richmond

Nothing but positive things to say about Dennis Road Automotive. 2007 Chevy Silverado had reduced engine power, traction control and stabilitrak issue. James first tried to see if issue was covered by manufacturer because of a recent recall. They're in business to make money like everyone else, but they review all options and communicate very well with their customers. Honesty and integrity goes a long way. I'll never go anywhere else.

- Don Rogge

Absolutely the best automative service I've ever run into. I live in Georgia. While traveling in Dallas, TX I developed a loud noise related to a recently installed rebuilt transmission. The transmission company said there were several shops nearer my hotel that install their products but there was one in particular they could confidently recommend. I certainly now see why. While on the rack, they snowed me some play in my 2 u-joints and quoted a very reasonable price to replace them (the tranny was covered by the supplier). They let me come under the lift and see everything before and after. My regular guy back home would have charged more and would never have called me later to be sure all was well like they did. Even had another call from them well after I was back home in Georgia to be sure all was still o.k. Amazing! I've use 2 good shops here and know both owners well. But they look pretty weak compared to Dennis Road Automotive. Their kind of service and care is highly unusual in my experience. I really appreciate the rebuilder in Jasper, IN guiding me to them.

- George Brown

I have only had great experiences with DRA, and I have exclusively used them for the last 4 years. They have saved me more money than I've actually spent. Another mechanic told me I needed 4 new struts, so I took it to DRA and James was very quick to tell me they were completely fine. Savings - 1,300. Also, I took a work truck in with what seemed to be a blown turbo, again another mechanic told me it would be 3,000 to fix. James saw that it was only a loose hose and fixed it for practically nothing. This is the most honest group I've ever had the pleasure of working with and I recommend them to anyone I know that ever has an auto problem. Thank you DRA.

- Alan Najar

It has been 25 to 30 years of service for my vehicles and the entire crew remains fantastic. There are only 3 companies in the US that I trust without question: One is financial, One is insurance and One is Dennis Road Automotive.

- Jack Pickels

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