Extremely satisfied with Dennis Road Automotive. My 2003 Ford Focus broke down so I had it towed here. It turned out to be the timing belt. What could have been a very costly repair wasn't so bad with them. They replaced the timing belt and the water pump for a very reasonable price.

Every interaction I had with them was very pleasant, from the first phone call to me picking up my car. The men are respectful, honest, and kind. They earned my trust and I will definitely use them in the future.  Thank you, Dennis Road Automotive!

- Allie C.

Came in to get a couple lugs replaced and they came in to tell me they found more that were cracked. Instead of just doing the minimum they went got more supplies and fixed my truck the correct way the first time. Excellent work.

- Chad S.

I am so thankful for finding these guys! They know my name and better yet they know my car. I used to compare quotes, but I don't anymore. Dennis Road prices are spot on and they stand behind every single repair. Great, great business! Thanks guys! Btw, my suburban passed state inspection with flying colors. :)

- Lori Sullivan

I never expected to be treated so well at a small mechanic shop like this. But the reviews led me here, and I can't believe how awesome these dudes are. Do not hesitate to check them out.

- Blake H.

I am the type of guy who is pretty untrusting of mechanics and the like, so i struggle to find people and businesses that I feel aren't just trying to take advantage of my severe lack of knowledge in things like cars.

These guys, however, always take good care of my car, charge a fair price and talk to me about what needs to be done without pressure.  

I really appreciate that about them and highly recommend them as they have become the only place I bring my car to get worked on.

- Joshua S.

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