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On average, today’s vehicles get better gas mileage than ever. There are still ways to get the most out of the fuel that you put into your tank. Here are the factors that affect gas mileage, and what you can do to maximize yours, from Dennis Road Automotive in Dallas, TX.

Design - Vehicles are designed with fuel economy in mind, and those designs get more efficient every day. Direct injection, eight-speed transmissions, and turbochargers are a few of the innovations in automotive technology that are regularly employed today, to increase fuel efficiency. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to change the way your vehicle was engineered - but there are other factors that are within your control.

Driving Style - It probably isn’t a surprise to you that the way you drive your vehicle affects your gas mileage. It’s worth noting though since it is a large factor. Most of your fuel will be spent accelerating - at idle and holding speed, your car, truck, or SUV isn’t using much fuel. Going light on the throttle will go a long way - especially in heavier vehicles, the amount of fuel you burn increases exponentially in relation to how hard you accelerate. Going the speed limit helps too. Most vehicles are designed to be as efficient as possible at 55 or 70 miles per hour - if you’re driving much faster than that, there’s a significant decrease in your vehicle's efficiency.

Running Condition - The state of your engine and surrounding components is probably the biggest variable in your gas mileage. If your check engine light is on, a sensor has malfunctioned, or the vehicle isn’t running right, it’ll burn a lot more fuel. Your engine is only efficient if everything is working together harmoniously, the way it was designed - while every condition will produce a different result, it’s possible a simple engine issue could cut your gas mileage in half.

If you believe that your vehicle isn't getting the correct gas mileage or you'd like to look at some options to maximize it, come by Dennis Road Automotive in Dallas, TX today. We want you to get the most out of your vehicle and we will work hard to be sure that you do. 


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