Very knowledgeable and honest.

I just dropped my pickup off with Riley and the guys up there. Haven't been here before, but they seem to be very knowledgeable and honest guys. Hopefully they get me back on the road soon. It's looking good so far. - Todd D. (4 star review on Google)

Quality Work

Whether you drive a beat-up Ford Festiva or a brand-new Mercedes, quality work matters. At Dennis Road Automotive in Dallas, TX, we are the best at what we do - here’s why it makes a difference, no matter what type of car, truck, or SUV you drive.

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Why Do Cars Break Down?

Cars have feelings too. Not really, but you do have to take care of them like they do. Here’s why cars break down, from Dennis Road Automotive in Dallas, TX.

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Radial Tires, What Are They?

When you see tires advertised, you’ll often see the word “radial” attached to it. What does this mean, and where did radial tires originate? Dennis Road Automotive in Dallas, TX is here, with answers to questions you weren’t even asking.

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5 star review

5 star rating from Jose T. for Dennis Road Automotive on Google

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Dennis Road Automotive

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