I was desperate and they were closed, but they opened up and fixed me right up! WOW!

I called Dennis Road Automotive on a Saturday morning eventhough Google said they were closed.  I was desperate, my son's car had just died, had to be pushed to a nearby neighborhood street.  We had no idea what was wrong with the car, it just died and right after that it started smoking. It just so happened that James answered the phone and through the phone he listened to the car and tried to help me with determining what could be wrong.  BUT, even though it was Saturday and they were closed, he got in his car and drove to where the car was stranded to give me an idea of what he thought the problem was!  I was so shocked that anyone would do that, I just couldn't believe it!  He didn't know me from Adam, and I had never even been a customer before.  The epitome of customer service.  I would overwhelmingly recommend this automotive repair shop to anyone based on their willingness to help someone in need!

Testimonial by Patti Branum on 7/2/2016.  A recommendation of Dennis Road Automotive in Dallas Texas to all friends, family, and strangers!


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